I see my pencil moving along my notebook paper. I smell a burning smell from the furnace turning on. I hear 852 Hertz Opening Your Third Eye Raise Your Energy Vibration frequency music. I feel my fingers of one hand clenching tight around my pencil and the other hand on my journal.

I realize checking my phone for text messages, social media updates, or thinking about what's next are things that take me out of my present moment.

Today I decided to commit to staying present in the moment. It allows me to focus on what I need to. It allows me to keep my anxiety down to a minimum. Without anxiety I'm able to find a peace of mind, find gratitude in the smallest things, and my mind is clear. I'm able to see what I need to see and hear that I need to hear from my "I Am Presence".

At this moment I affirm, I am going to schedule time to check my phone. I am going to meditate three times a day in order to keep my mind focused on the present. If a thought about what's next pops up, I'm going to write it in my planner and come back to it at it's scheduled time.

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