I wait patiently for my turn. I wait patiently for those I love to follow. I wait patiently to leave the nine-to-five that is no longer serving me intellectually. I wait patiently for my first paid client. I wait patiently for funds to start coming in at a speed that is faster than the bills. I wait patiently to hear "I get it now."

As I take the leap of faith by taking a leave of absence from work, I commit to taking the steps needed to focus on my mental health. Do I worry about my bills getting paid? Sometimes, but during those times I stop, meditate, and ask for continued protection, faith, and guidance from my higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, and archangels. I know they won't fail me. I know in order to live in my purpose and continue my mission I have to take care of both my mental and physical health. I trust that they will take care of everything else. So today I take the leap knowing the Universe will catch me!

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