I could've started therapy immediately. I could've stopped to think how you must've felt in that moment. I could've trusted my gut vs. someone who never truly wanted to see me happy. I could've done it differently.

As I reflect on a situation that hurt not only me, but people I still love today... I realize through my hurt I publicly shamed them and because of that I'm living with the consequences. The consequences of this person never trusting me again. This person feeling shame around their family. This person not believing they are worthy of being with the person they truly love. This person not being able to speak their truth. This person holding on to insecurities I put on them. For that I'm am truly sorry. I've already asked for their forgiveness. Today I choose to forgive myself and move on. I understand for every action there is a reaction. And fortunately I'm able to grow from it, learn from it, and move forward knowing I will do things differently.

Yesterday I found success in completing a project that I've been working on for months. Today I woke up with a full spirit and during meditation a reflection of the situation above came to mind. I realized that being able to own my part of a situation and finding peace in the outcome when it doesn't turn out how I want it to, is true success. I found insight during my centering moment, self-confidence in being able to own my 💩, humility in my wrong doing, respect for myself and others, creativity in the way I apologize, loyalty by being real with myself, and inner peace with the choices I've made.

So with that being said, I ask that you reflect on a time you would've liked to do things differently. Ask yourself what could you have done differently to turn the situation around and commit to doing it differently next time. I love you and sending you love and light!!

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