As I continue to grieve, I am reminded to find the beauty in everything and be grateful that I'm able to.

I have to tell myself, "your story is not their story". It's ok to have compassion and empathy for people, but don't forget to have that same compassion and empathy for yourself. It's ok to step back for a while and take care of YOU. I've spent my whole life taking care of others emotionally that I didn't think it was necessary to take care of myself because I am the STRONG one. Losing my sister/friend to suicide has given me a daily reminder to take care of ME. Those that mean the most to me, have and will continue to live for them. I have to put faith in my Angels and know they will protect them at all cost while I take time for me and my purpose.

So yes, I find gratitude during the grief process. It's pushed me into stepping out of my comfort zone. I find gratitude in having the ability to know my guardian angels by 1st name, hear, and feel them daily. I find gratitude in knowing I am loved by many people outside of the family I was born into.

Sending you all love and light! Remember to find the lesson in everything and be grateful for it!!

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