I see the insecurities behind the selfies. I see the "I fucked up, so let me show some public affection". I see the cry for help through the angry and frustrated posts. I see the "I wanna save the world, but they not listening" posts. I see the "I'm going to say what I think the women want to hear, in hopes someone will fall for it" posts. I see who you truly are and it breaks my heart.

A lot of us are posting for likes vs posting who we truly are because we don't think our true self is worthy without them. Let me tell you, you can't take them likes with you when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can't take them likes with you when you close your eyes. Kids are literally killing themselves because they believe what they see on social media and can't take the pressure of not being able to live up to it. At what point do we as adults take responsibility for it?

For those who need help, but choose to show us anger and frustration, be specific with what you need from your friends. If they don't reach out after that, you need to find new friends. Or at the very least, change their 🤬 title. And for the friends who see their friend struggling, why haven't you reached out to them? Friendship is about reciprocity. Yes everyone is going through something, but it's time we hold each other accountable... This goes for me as well. I'm not telling you anything I haven't told myself.

My goal for 2019 is to be a better friend. Learn from my past relationships so hopefully my current ones continue to grow. I pray for discernment when choosing who to let in my circle. I'm learning everyone's intentions are not as pure as mine and I have to get comfortable with moving on when the time comes. Again RECIPROCITY is key! Until you show who you truly are your circle will be full of people hiding who they are and nobody is getting the support they truly need.

You attract people based on who you are at the time you meet them. If you're broken, you'll attract broken people. If you're healing you'll attract people who are also healing. This is how people grow out of relationships....2 broken people meet each other, 1 begins to heal so now they are no longer a vibrational match. The healing person has to move on in order to continue they're healing journey while sending the broken person love and light.💜💛🦋

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