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Don't look for me in your dreams
For I am in your reality
Don't look for me in signs
For I will always be by your side
Don't wonder if it is me in the hummingbird that you hear
Because, my voice will still ring clear
I am the continuous heart beat
That will resound so loud that 
My presence will forever be felt
I am love...
I am light...
So don't wonder
And don't worry about me
My path is clear
And I am not only at peace
I BECAME peace
Do promise me
When my favorite song comes on
You would ride hard to it

Pop your fingers
And nod your head to it
Laugh at all the funny things I said
And remember all the dope memories we shared
And if you find yourself getting sad
And your thoughts about my peace, or my love for you seems unclear
Know that you are the rhythm, and I am the beat
And forever we shall be insync 
Know that you were loved by me,
And even in my physical absence I still feel your love, and your energy
Remember who I am...
And shall forever be
I am love..
And I am light
And forever shall I be by your side
For you are the rhythm 
And I am the beat
And together we shall forever be insync...

 Written By: Joy Williams 

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HER Story; A Girl Named MiKeisha 


I know a girl. She wants to travel the world. She wants to love with her whole heart and be loved whole-heartedly in return (but swearfogawd, he better be fine and have money because I will never pay for another meal for another grown-ass man). She wants to stop and smell the flowers (and not sneeze or complain about the bees because who’s boutta smell flowers with bees and ants in em- not ME!). She wants her family to appreciate her. She wants her friends to see her; really see her the way she sees them- with rose colored glasses and always willing to forgive (after I cuss you out to my best friend and probably my cousin).


She wants to have a fat baby with a giant head that she miraculously pushed out with minimal effort. She can’t imagine breastfeeding… but she’ll try it (ONE good time). She loves watching people and her eyes get cray-wide when the people around her become wonderfully ridiculous. She only has a few real, gut-busting joys in her life. And seeing people act a damn fool is one of them. SOMETIMES, she nudged the fools along and watched mayhem ensue with a delighted, uproarious laugh. But other times, she pulled the ones she loved back just enough to let them know that, although she is highly amused by their shenanigans, those words and actions might not be the best decision for them.


She hates when her friends or family are upset with her and thinks only of making it right and having fun with that person again. She desperately wants to go back to the simpler times of  making up dances with the cousins she used to have sleepovers with. She even aspires to have a sophisticated dinner party with friends she knew in high school (but the dinner party would quickly devolved into just being drunk and talking shit about folk we didn't like)- and it would be a damn good time.


She bet not hear you speak ill of her babies . Her nephews. Her nieces. She happily spends all her money on her babies and doesn't regret it for a second- well… until she's told about bad behaviour at school or grades that are well below what she knows her babies are capable of. Then she regrets spending money for a solid 2 seconds, says something like, “they get on my damn nerves” and immediately starts thinking about what she’ll get them for their birthdays. They are her whole world. And she stayed for them.


She's the one you want to go over and catch up with at every family barbeque because when you're doing well, she celebrates with you and can’t stop smiling. Those smiles that light up a room. That laugh that makes passersby wonder who the hell is so gatdayum happy.


Yet, if you talk to her- really talk to her about more than just pleasantries; about more than just YOUR own life- she’ll reveal her secrets. Her pain. Her sorrows. Her frustrations. The REAL stuff. No more disingenuous smiles. No more nervous giggles. No more lilting tone implying a light heartedness that isn’t there. Because she's a real person. Who never felt like the hero in her own story.


But she's not just an extra. She's not a supporting character. She's the star. She laughed and loved and LIVED in the best way that she could. In the most genuine way she knew how. And she’ll be missed. For the rest of my days, she will be remembered. My child will know her name.


I know a girl… her name is MiKeisha.

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The warning signs of suicide are indicators that a person may be in acute danger and may urgently need help.

  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no purpose;

  • Talking about being a burden to others;

  • Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs;

  • Acting anxious, agitated, or reckless;

  • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge; 

  • Withdrawing or feeling isolated;

  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill oneself;